Armin Heinrich’s $999 “I Am Rich” App Already On RapidShare

Posted Aug 6, 2008

Update: I just read on Mashable that Apple already pulled the application from the store.  Techdirt doesn’t believe Apple should block the app because:
“If someone wants to part with a grand for a glowing screen, who is Apple to stop them? The application developer is honest and clearly states that there “is no hidden function.” Blocking the I Am Rich application makes Apple look “less open.”

In my personal opinion, I could care less whether Apple keeps the App on there.  I think it is just a bad investment for anyone that wants to buy it.

Armin Heinrich, the maker of the most expensive iPhone application, launched “I Am Rich” yesterday.  Today, an anonymous commenter on Pulse 2.0 posted a link on RapidShare to where the application can be downloaded.  I haven’t tested out the link on RapidShare because I have no desire to have this useless application on my iPod Touch.

I think downloading the application for free from RapidShare is just as bad as buying the application itself.  This is because you obviously want to be “that guy” or “that girl” that gets off on showing expensive applications on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

RapidShare is a file hosting site that is ranked #12 on Alexa.  Many artists use the site to distribute their music legally, but a lot of files end up on the site illegally.  In this file-sharing case, I’m guessing Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may take action since it directly affects their income generated from the App Store.

Update: Here is a case where someone accidentally bought the I Am Rich application

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