Armorize Technologies Launches HackAlert To Notify You About Attacks

Posted Sep 26, 2009

Armorize Technologies has launched a new service called HackAlert. HackAlert notifies website owners immediately when they are under attack by hackers. HackAlert will also let you know if your website has been taken over by malicious software. This often occurs on Facebook and Twitter so this service would be useful to them. HackAlert also has a real-time tool which would be useful for technology administrators. There are reports given for “drive by download” incidents too.

At the DEMO conference earlier this week, Matt Huang, COO of Armorize demonstrated how HackAlert works when it scanned through 40 websites. It identified malware that appeared on all 40 websites and highlighted the lines of code where it appears. The code is analyzed by SmartWAF and then removed by Code Secure.

Armorize raised its second round of funding this year from Ambient Sound Investments, Birch Venture Capital, and angel investors within the company. So far Armorize has one customer in Japan that uses the software to protect 60 of their websites.