Army Using Twitter and Facebook For Recruitment

Posted May 4, 2009

The U.S. Army is trying innovative new ways to reach out to today’s youth for recruitment.  In this case, they are turning to both Twitter and Facebook.

Lieutenant General Benjamin Freakley oversees recruiting for the Army and is managing the social networking initiative.  Facebook is a key way to reach 18-24 year olds according to Freakley.  You could become friends with the recruiter and then the recruiter would be able to talk to your friends.

General Raymond Odierno, a top commander in Iraq set up a Facebook page where anyone can ask questions and receive answers regarding the mission in Iraq.   The U.S. Air Force and The U.S. Coast Guard has also launched a social networking initiative on Facebook recently as well.

Some of the questions that have been asked include “Can I have a dog in the army” and “Can I be married in the Army?”  Lindy Kyzer updates the Army’s Twitter feed and blog.  To maintain transparency, negative posts are not removed.