Around 640,000 School Kids In L.A. Will Get iPads

Posted Jul 28, 2013

signed a $30 million iPad deal with the Los Angeles School Board of Education this past June.  Now 640,000 kids in Los Angeles will receive iPads by the end of 2014.

As part of the agreement, tablets will be provided to all students in the district.  In the first phase, around 31,000 students will receive iPads this school year.  The rest of the students will get them by the end of next year.  The $30 million covers only the first 31,000 iPads.  The board will be using $30 million in tax money to fund the first 31,000 devices and will seek additional funding to cover the rest.

Apple will load the iPads with educational apps, which will include Pearson’s Common Core System of Courses, Apple iWork, and Apple iLife, according to The Verge.