Around one-fifth of the links on The Million Dollar Homepage is dead

Posted Mar 26, 2014

Alex Tew created the Million Dollar Homepage eight years ago. The idea went viral back then and now 22% of the links that it contains are now dead. Tew created the Million Dollar homepage to fund his college tuition. He sold one million pixels at $1 per pixel. Many people bought the ad space in $100 chunks. The one million pixels sold in 138 days.


The website is still online, but many of the links are pointed to websites that are no longer online. According to Quartz, dead links account for 221,900 of the pixels on the website.

Quartz put together the GIF above where the pink areas are connected to dead links. Around 23,200 links were dead from the beginning because advertisers failed to provide URLs for the website.

[Source: Quartz]