Netflix Will Only Work With “Arrested Development” For One Season

Posted Feb 26, 2013

Arrested Development lasted for three seasons before Fox cancelled the show.  After the show was archived on Hulu and Netflix, the cult comedy sitcom gained a lot more fans.  Netflix noticed the popularity of the show on their website so they decided to work with the cast of Arrested Development in a reunion season, known as Season 4.  During a recent investor call, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that the TV show will be a one-off production.  He described the fourth season of Arrested Development as a “non-repeatable” event.

The hardest part of getting the show together was getting the cast back together according to sources with The Wall Street Journal.  This is why fans should not be expecting more of the show after watching the fourth season.  In an interview with Empire Online, Arrested Development’s main character Jason Bateman said that fans will be very happy with the new episodes.

?We?re done shooting it and it was great. Also, it will be extremely complicated for the viewers. 14 episodes, all separate, with each character getting their own episode, but all the action happens simultaneously,? stated Bateman.  ?So you can stop my episode at the very moment that, say, Gob rides by on his Segway and then click into his episode and follow him. I don?t know how Mitchell Hurwitz wrote it, shot it or scheduled it, I don?t know how he?s editing it but it?ll be amazing, I think.”  Netflix is expecting the show to be a big hit and help increase their subscribers.