As Part of Zappos Deal, Now Owns

Posted Aug 8, 2009 acquired Zappos for $928 million in July.  As part of the acquisition, also owns the domain name  Zappos originally bought the domain name from Idealab for $4.9 million.  These details were discussed in the SEC filing of the acquisition.

Below is a statement from the SEC filing:

In May 2008, we acquired the internet domain name from Idealab. The domain name was recognized as a purchased intangible asset with a useful life of 20 years. The entire purchase price of $4.9 million was assigned to the price of the domain name intangible asset and will be amortized on a straight-line basis over its remaining estimated useful life.

At the $4.9 million transaction was the second biggest domain name sale in 2008.  The first biggest was which was at $10 million. forwards to’s clothing section.

[via TechCrunch]