Segway Inventor Dean Kamen’s AspireAssist Sucks Food Out Of Stomachs

Posted Jan 22, 2013

The AspireAssist is a new controversial device that counts Dean Kamen as one of their inventors.  Kamen is one of the inventors of the Segway.  The AspireAssist is a device that allows you to eat while sucking out calories at the same time.  The AspireAssist is a stomach pump that sucks up to 30% of the food directly from a person’s stomach.  The AspireAssist is supposed to be used 20 minutes after eating to allow the brain to register that the stomach is full, but not long enough for the food to be digested.

The AspireAssist needs to connect a handheld device to a tube implanted into their stomach.  The contents are then emptied into a toilet.  This device has been called an “automated bulimia” machine by Jezbel writer Laura Beck.  The AspireAssist has gone through clinical trials and 24 obese patients have lost an average of 45 pounds each over the period of a year.

Mikael Cederhag, one of the participants in the study, lost around 64 pounds and is still losing weight.  He is down to 200 pounds from his original weight of 264 pounds.  Cederhag said that the AspireAssist is ?a solution that allows me to get my weight down and stay that way.?

Below is a demo of how it works: