Astronmer Tomotsugu Goto Discovers Massive Black Hole Located 12.8 Billion Light Years Away

Posted Sep 10, 2009

According to University of Hawaii astronomer Tomotsugu Goto there is a black hole about 12.8 billion light years away from us and it has the mass of one billion suns.  This black hole is located in the center of a galaxy which is as big as the Milky Way.  To find this galaxy, Goto used a 27 foot Subaru telescope at the Mauna Kea summit.  The summit is located at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.  Goto mentioned that “it is surprising that such a giant galaxy existed when the Universe was only one-sixteenth of its present age, and that it hosted a black hole one billion times more massive than the sun. The galaxy and black hole must have formed very rapidly in the early universe.”  Above is a picture taken of the black hole.