Atari Founder’s Son Raises Funding For Mobile Game Company Doppelgames

Posted Feb 2, 2011

Nolan Bushnell’s son Brent has raised seed funding to launch his first mobile gaming company called Doppelgames. XG Ventures and TomorrowVentures is investing between $250,000-$500,000 in Doppelgames. XG and TomorrowVentures are VC firms that are run by employees associated with Google. Google CEO Eric Schmidt is an investor in TomorrowVentures and XG was founded by four early Google employees.

Doppelgames is run by co-founders Brent Bushnell, Eric Gradman, Peter Wilkiniss, and Jodi Letterman. “I was impressed with Brent and his passion for games,” stated TomorrowVentures EIR Joseph Nejman. “Whether that was influenced by his father or on his own, we look at how he’s taken that and run with it. Our decision to invest is based on having an idea we believe in, the team and whether the market is consistent with what we’re looking for.”

Doppelgames is working on building a series of mobile games where players can earn points based on interactions in the real world. Doppelgames is currently working on a game called Hexcursion, a GPS color war game.