Atomic and Mangrove Invest $4.2 Million In Jolicloud

Posted Jul 12, 2009

Tariq Krim, the founder of Netvibes has been working on a new project for well over a year now called Jolicloud.  Jolicloud is an operating system intended for use on netbooks.  The company has raised $4.2 million in funding from Atomico and Mangrove. Niklas Zennström of Atomico, Gilles Samoun (fotopedia CEO), and Michael Jackson (Mangrove partner) have joined the Jolicloud Board of Directors as a result of the funding.

The Jolicloud operating system utilizes a web application and cloud service interface.  Krim sees Google’s announcement of the Chrome OS as a validation for what he is trying to achieve with Jolicloud.  Krim left Netvibes on a full-time basis this past May.  Netvibes is an RSS reader website built on a cloud that has built in web applications.  In a way Jolicloud and Netvibes complement each other.  Jolicloud wants to be your default OS on a netbook and Netvibes wants to be your default homepage.

The user interface of the Jolicloud OS is similar to the iPhone operating system.  The icons of applications are large and there is very little hardware needed to keep Jolicloud running smoothly.  Jolicloud will also support touchscreens.

[via TechCrunch]