AT&T Inc. (T) Announces Data Day Pass And Plans For Vehicle 4G

Posted Oct 17, 2013

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) senior vice president Chris Penrose made a couple of major announcements while at the GigaOM Mobilize conference in San Francisco.  This includes details on a day data pass and the plans for the connected car.

Day Data Pass

At the conference Penrose said that AT&T will be launching a day data pass to compete with expensive hotel WiFi for frequent travelers.  You will also be able to get a $25 1GB plan that you can use any time within 3 months.

Connected Cars

Penrose said that AT&T is also working hard on their connected car strategy.  AT&T is working with BMW, Nissan, Ford, and Tesla Motors to bring 3G or HSPA+ (4G) into their vehicles with mobile hotspot capabilities even if the driver does not have a data plan.

AT&T is planning to use the traditional wholesale connectivity model with split SIM chip billing.  This way the deal is between the consumer and the auto OEM.

Even if you do not have a monthly plan, you can have a session-based plan.  AT&T plans on integrating LTE in GM’s whole fleet as early as mid 2014.

Tesla Motors will be using AT&T 3G or HSPA+ to power the car’s communications, remote diagnostics, and infotainment services.

[Source: Engadget/CNET]