AT&T and GE Partner On “Industrial Internet” Project

Posted Oct 10, 2013

AT&T and General Electric has made a deal with each other where GE’s machines will be connected to AT&T’s wireless and cloud networks.  This project is known as “Industrial Internet.”  GE wants to have more of their machines connected to the Internet and to make them more efficient.

GE said that workers will be able to remotely track, monitor, record, and operate machinery from anywhere virtually.  GE and AT&T will work with AT&T’s innovation centers to build M2M solutions for GE’s software platform called Predix.

GE announced 14 more “Predictivity” products that uses the Predix platform for industries like oil, gas, healthcare, and energy management.  These products include industrial equipment, wireless sensors, and software.  GE now has 24 total Predictivity products. GE made separate deals with Cisco and Intel.

“Everyone wants prediction about performance, and better asset management,” stated GE vice president of global software William Ruh in an interview with The New York Times.  “The ideas of speed, of information velocity, is what will differentiate the winners from the losers.”

[Source: New York Times]