AT&T Hits $32 Billion In Revenues

Posted Jul 23, 2013

AT&T announced today that they have sold a record number of Android smartphones last quarter.  The company reported revenues of over $32 billion.  AT&T’s LTE network deployment is ahead of schedule.  By next summer, AT&T is expected to be done covering the country.

?This was a solid quarter for revenue and customer additions across our key growth platforms,? stated AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson in a statement.

AT&T added around 551,000 postpaid subscribers and 632,000 total subscribers for the quarter.  This includes almost 400,000 wireless-enabled tablets.

The company’s total wireless revenues including device sales includes $17.3 billion, which is up 5.7%.  The service revenue accounted for $15.4 billion and data service total $5.4 billion, up around 20% from a year earlier.  Over a third of customers are on LTE.

AT&T now has over 13 million people on one of their Mobile Share data accounts.  Over 15% of those customers migrated from an unlimited plan.  More than 25% of Mobile Share accounts are using over 10GB of data.  And over 70% of smartphone customers are on some form of tiered data rather than an unlimited data plan.

AT&T sold more iPhones than in the same quarter one year ago.  The company also added 233,000 TV subscribers to bring their total base to over 5 million for the first time.