AT&T Launches New “AT&T Next” Smartphone and Tablet Upgrade Program

Posted Jul 16, 2013

AT&T has launched a new upgrade eligibility program for customers called “AT&T Next.”  AT&T Next allows customers to buy a new smartphone or tablet every twelve months without having to worry about activation, upgrade, or financing fees.  AT&T Next customers will be able to buy smartphones or tablets with no money down and can make monthly payments that are equal to 1/20th of the retail cost of the device.

?With AT&T Next, customers can get the newest smartphone or tablet every year with no down payment. That?s hard to beat, and it?s an incredible value for customers who want the latest and greatest every year,? stated AT&T Mobility president and chief executive officer Ralph de la Vega.

When making 12 payments, AT&T can trade the device in and upgrade to a new one without having to deal with other fees.  After 20 payments, they can own the device completely.

Let’s say that you buy a 16GB iPhone 5, you would just have to pay $32.50 per month for 12 months and then upgrade to the newest iPhone.  This means that they would pay $390 over that time and the phone gets bought back for the equivalent of $260.  Since there arena activations or upgrade fees, customers can save $36 on activating a new line.  AT&T users that have been grandfathered into unlimited data plans are fully eligible to participated in the AT&T Next.