AT&T Partnering With Jasper Wireless For Consumer Electronics

Posted May 10, 2009

AT&T has been criticized for being slow at offering various consumer devices on their network.  This is why they have partnered with Jasper Wireless to have them provide consumer electronic devices such as GPS, cameras, laptops, and other mobile Internet devices on their network.  Jasper will handle the billing and the provisioning of these products.

The device that has mostly been dominating AT&T’s data networks is the Apple iPhone.  Jasper will be monitoring devices and service plans running on AT&T’s network going forward.  “By doing this with them, we’re going to be able to do this very, very quickly,” stated President of Emerging Devices at AT&T Glenn Lurie.

When signing up for AT&T services, credit checks are made and phone numbers have to be received or ported.  Jasper will be setting up pre-paid options for consumers that would like to get on to AT&T’s network.  Jasper will be AT&T’s exclusive partner over the next several years.