AT&T Planning To Power Device That Challenges Kindle

Posted Jun 5, 2009

AT&T announced that they are planning to launch a service that directly competes with the Kindle.  The company is still in the planning stages for how to price the data around an e-reader.

Netbooks are being subsidized by AT&T for those who sign up for a 2 year agreement for a data plan.  The cost of a data plan is $60 per month with a 5GB data cap.  AT&T also launched a $0 plan which went over pretty well with consumers.

It is slightly unpredictable what devices to prepare data plan services for too.  AT&T Mobility’s President of emerging devices Glenn Lurie believes that devices such as digital cameras, personal navigation devices, multimedia players, e-readers, game devices, etc. will all have some sort of WiFi connection built in.  Lurie even suggested that some dog collars may have a WiFi device built in just in case the dog runs away and needs to be tracked.

Lurie is certain that AT&T will power the connection for a device that will rival the Kindle in the near future.  The Kindle uses Sprint’s 3G network without the consumer having to make an agreement with the telecommunications company itself.

[via PCWorld]