AT&T Refunds U.S. Soldier In Afghanistan Pfc Jose Rivera $16,000

Posted Dec 22, 2010

[Capt. Evan Brainerd]
AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has refunded a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan $16,000 after a miscommunication took place. Pfc Jose Rivera was deployed to the Forward Operating Base Shindand in Afghanistan. He believed that his overseas calls would cost $4.95 per month. He made a lot of calls to his wife and newborn child during the time he was being billed at a much higher amount without knowing.

Rivera does not speak English as his first language and he misunderstood what AT&T said. AT&T said that his bill rate is actually $5 per minute for international calls from the Operating Base to the U.S. At first Rivera’s commanding officer Capt. Evan Brainerd had a hard time getting a refund. But now it appears that AT&T has given the family a full refund. After hearing a story like this, I admit that I’m proud to be an AT&T customer.