AT&T Is Going To Launch Emergency Alerts Updates For iPhone Users

Posted Jun 17, 2013

AT&T is submitting a carrier update that will allow iPhone owners to receive Wireless Emergency Alerts.  The upgrade is mandatory and users will not be able to decline them once the update is received over-the-air.  It is possible to turn off the notifications for AMBER Alerts and Emergency Alerts in the iPhone settings menu.

The alerts are mandated by the law according to AT&T.  It will not consumer texts or data when the alerts are sent out.  The alerts are based on geography so that you will receive a tornado warning if you are in an area where the weather looks severe.

Wireless carriers cannot opt out of “Presidential Alerts,” which are alerts that are issued by the President or designee.  This required alert is mentioned in the Wireless Alert and Response Network Act.  The Wireless Alert and Response Network Act established the national emergency alert system in 2006.

This update is targeting owners of the Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S right now.  iPhone 4 users will receive the over-the-air update in several areas soon.