Audi e-Tron Concept May Become Reality By 2012

Posted Oct 9, 2009

The worst part about many car concepts is that they are usually never going to be made on mass production. However the Audi e-Tron that was presented at the Frankfurt auto show last month may be made available for purchase in 2012.

The announcement was confirmed by Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen. ?I expect we will see running examples in the next 24 months,? stated Nysschen in an interview with Automotive News.

The concept car had 230 kilowatts produced by four motors giving the vehicle about 313 horsepower with 3,319 pound-feet of torque. The lithium-ion battery with a 42.4 kilowatt hour gives the car a 154 mile range. The recharge requires about 6-8 hours at about 230 volts.

This car will directly compete with the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing and the Tesla Roadster. Audi is also working on hybrid vehicles such as the Q5 crossover which is expected to arrive in 2011.