Augmented Reality Company Dekko Raises $3.2 Million In Funding

Posted May 10, 2013

Dekko is an augmented reality company that helps developers create applications that interact with the real world.  Dekko is calling this product a “real-world operating system.”  Dekko is also going to create applications to attract non-technical users.

Dekko has built technology where a map can be used to map the real world with a mobile phone or tablet camera.  Dekko does this by creating 3D mapping grids.  Games and applications can be layered on top of these grids.

?Dekko will help usher in a new generation of apps that work outside the confines of a mobile device, truly merging the experience with the user?s life,? stated Dekko CEO Matt Miesnieks. ?Previous attempts at this kind of tech have only provided the world with gimmicky, transitory experiences with no real value or staying power. We were promised the moon and given cardboard spaceships?

Founded in 2011, Dekko is currently in talk with the top three tier-one hardware manufacturers.  Dekko’s platform can be used for multiple-participant experiences for multiplayer gaming.