Aurora Massacre Victims To Split $5 Million In Donations

Posted Oct 16, 2012

After James Holmes shot and killed 12 people while wounding another 58 people this past July in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado during a premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises,” the entire world read the news in horror.  Many of them poured out their support in the form of donations.  The families of the victims will split the majority of the $5 million in donations raised to assist the victims of the attack.

This amounts to roughly around $200,000 each and a mediator has been assigned to divide the donations evenly.  The rest of the cash will go to people that suffered from physical injuries.  The more severe the injury, the more that person will receive.

None of the cash will go towards people that did not require overnight hospitalization and the cash will not be used to aid people in the theater that was not harmed, but claim that they suffer from mental trauma.

James Holmes recently had 14 counts of attempted murder added to his list of charges.