Aurora Police Department Confirm James Holmes’ Apartment Detonation Is Controlled

Posted Jul 22, 2012

When James Holmes was arrested after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, he indicated that his apartment was booby-trapped with explosives.  When police arrived on the scene at his apartment complex, they confirmed that it would take a while to contain the explosives.

There were trip wires, jars of liquid accelerant, and ammunition.  Techno music was playing from his bedroom.  He left it running when he went to the movie theater.  The Aurora Police said that they would be releasing breaking news from their Twitter account.

The police confirm that they have set off a small and controlled detonation.  They also disarmed two trip wires.  It is believed that authorities used a robot to perform a detonation.

The Aurora P.D. is hopeful that all of the major threats have been eliminated.  You can also follow the Aurora P.D. on their Facebook page.