Australia-Based Shoutoo, Allows You To Send Messages On Twitter, Pownce, and Jaiku In One Go

Posted May 27, 2008

Web enthusiasts today have a tendecy to use multiple chat software and use many different social networks.  Shoutoo aims to patch the disconnect between the large number of social networks and messaging services. allows users to send a shout to all of your friends on Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce friends at once.  Another feature Shoutoo has is that videos can be embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, UStream.TV, Animoto, Jumpcut, and Eyespot across Shoutoo profile pages.  When friends/family send you a message through Jaiku, Twitter, and Pownce, it gets added into your Shoutoo page.

Users are also able to share their iTunes purchase list on their pages.  If friends like your music, they can click “Buy Now” on your profile page. also works seamlessly on the iPhone.

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