Author John Campbell raises $50K on Kickstarter, burns his crowdfunded books

Posted Mar 9, 2014

John Campbell is a Chicago based author that raised over $50,000 to put together the book called “Sad Pictures For Children.” Campbell hoped to raise $8,000, but he raised $51,615.

Campbell told his fans on Kickstarter “It’s over” and then he published a video of 127 copies of his book in a dumpster burning because he ran out of money to ship the books. Campbell wrote a long post with the video. Here is part of what he wrote:

If you would like a refund, please contact a fan of my work directly for your money. This is where the money would come from anyway. I am cutting out the middle man.

I refunded some of the preorders I received through paypal in addition to the kickstarter orders, but I will not be refunding any more.

The backers who gave me the most money received the least “reward” from me. After shipping costs, I “lost money” on most of the books I sold at the $25 level so, backers at the higher levels, you could perceive of yourselves as having ?paid for? the books that the ?lower? backers currently have, and you could try to get those books that you ?paid for” somehow.

You could try to obtain refunds through kickstarter or paypal, through your bank or credit card company. You could try to harass me or inconvenience me or tell other people negative things about me or this kickstarter in the hope that this will affect me negatively. Be aware that each attempt to contact me about this book will individually result in the burning of a book until the books are gone.

I am making the loudest sound I know how to make. I know that some people will be personally offended that I am doing this, but I am doing this in large part because our culture has developed in such a way that some of the intelligent, empathetic people who follow me will believe they feel more psychological pain because of books being burnt, their money and my attitude about them than because of the destruction of the natural world, the continuation of classist, racist, abusive patterns of behavior and representation, etc.

If you have negative feelings about the actions I am taking, that is part of what I am protesting against. I am protesting the values you use to determine how you feel about and interact with the world.

I will not be responsible for the manufacture of any more unnecessary physical objects. The natural world is being destroyed by unnecessary production.

Campbell said he burned the books because he received over 100 e-mails demanding the books.

[Source: BI]