Author Neil Gaiman Leaves Google+, Will Others Soon Follow?

Posted Jul 11, 2011

Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) tweeted today, “Just deleted my Google+ profile. It felt good. Less noise in my life.” For a man who frequently responds when fans @reply him, this is a significant statement?he is not one to shy away from sharing with fans via the internet. Is it just Google+ that’s too much noise, or was adding one more social network to his life the problem?

His previous tweeted comments on Google+ included “I’m on Google +. I really don’t like it yet,” and “Not sure about google plus yet. 3000 people have me in their circles. I have 57 in mine.”

Gaiman’s following on twitter is so dedicated that he has coined the hashtag #neilwebfail for when he crashes a site with an excessive volume of visitors by linking to it on twitter. He currently has more than a million twitter followers.