Auto News Roundup: Barry Levinson Threatens Ford Over Twitter, Toyota’s New Motto, Charlie Sheen’s Mercedes, GM Donates To Haiti and Builds A Robot With NASA

Posted Feb 6, 2010

Here is the end of the week auto news roundup. The stories include Barry Levinson threatening to sue Ford over Twitter, Toyota’s new “unofficial” motto, a story about Charlie Sheen’s Mercedes, and an update with General Motors.

Barry Levinson Threatens Ford Over Twitter

Using the hands free SYNC system, you will be able to update and receive tweets in the near future. However The Law Offices of Barry Levinson is getting ready to sue Ford Motor Company for that reason. Below is a portion of a press release that he sent out [TheTruthAboutCars]:

Ford?s development of technology to facilitate driver computer use runs counter to the national trend, which sees authorities cracking down on distracted driving? Ford defends its Twitter technology, claiming to be making existing driver behaviors safer. But Ford?s assertion may not hold up to scrutiny. The 2006 driver distraction study found that talking and listening to conversation via cell phone was as likely to cause a crash as dialing a cell phone; if this seemingly apt analogy for the distinction between typing on a computer and talking into one holds up, it would undermine Ford?s justification for installing Twitter technology in cars.

Toyota’s New Motto…

This picture was a hit on Digg. Toyota: Moving Forward Even When You Don’t Want To.

Charlie Sheen’s Mercedes

Charlie Sheen’s Mercedes was found at the bottom of a cliff around Mulholland Drive. Apparently Sheen left the keys in his Mercedes and the garage open. Sheen was notified about the car from a Mercedes rep. [Jalopnik]

GM Donates To Haiti and Builds A Robot With NASA

The General Motors Foundation has donated 30 GMC Sierra pick up trucks as part of the Haitian relief effort. The pick up trucks will arrive in Haiti around mid-February with additional supplies like tarp and tents. The GM Foundation also donated $100,000 along with $250,000 from the auctioning of a limited edition Chevy Corvette at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction [eGMcartech].

General Motors and NASA have partnered to develop a robot called the Robonaut 2 (R2). “The partnership’s vision is to explore advanced robots working together in harmony with people, building better, higher quality vehicles in a safer, more competitive manufacturing environment,” stated GM VP for global research and development Alan Taub.