Automattic Launches Prologue, A Twitter-Like Product For Groups

Posted Jan 29, 2008

Automattic, the company that created WordPress and was recently funded, announced a new product yesterday called Prologue. The new product can be best described as Twitter for groups. The company said that messages can be sent internally or between groups.

Below is a screen shot from the demo I found on the WordPress blog:

Some of the messages are from the developers of Automattic discussing what part of the project that they are working on. The whole prologue, the individual authors, all of the tags, combinations, or searches has their own RSS feeds.  Also messages can have their own Gravatar.

Prologues can be public or private and each message can have comments.  Comments also have built-in RSS feeds.  Since Automatticâ??s developers are so wide-spread, this tool is useful to their company internally.  They set up a password-protected Prologue, which is also available for all other users as well.

The code is open source and is available at:  The product is also available for users under Presentation.

My guess is that if this product takes off, the company may enhance features for Prologue.  For example, creating a mobile version of the product may make sense.  For example, if I am a developer and want to announce to my team that I’ll be traveling so I cannot work on the site for a while, I can easily let them know without being near a computer.

[Information Source: Matt Mullenwag’s blog]