Automattic, Parent Company Of WordPress Blog Platform Raises $29.5 Million

Posted Jan 23, 2008

Automattic is the parent company of and is an open source blogging platform and is the blogging community platform.  Automattic has officially received $29.5 million in funding from Polaris Venture Partners, True Ventures, Radar Ventures, and the New York Times [source: NYT].

Some competitors include Blogger and TypePad. competitors include Xanga and LiveJournal.   Automattic raised $1.1 million two years ago as well.  Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic stated that the funding would go towards building additional services.

The New York Times Company has been using the WordPress platform for their subsidiaries for quite some time., a New York Times Company subsidiary is based on the WordPress platform.  And NYT has more than 50 blogs that are powered by WordPress as well.

WordPress also recently gave their users on a major step-up in terms of storage capacity.  WordPress users only had 50MB up until recently, but now they 3GB each.  Matt Mullenwag, founder of WordPress hopes that this increase in capacity will encourage their users to prdouce richer media.  Users who have paid for 1GB in the past will get 5GB instead of the free 3GB.

The announcement is also confirmed on Matt Mullenwag’s blog.