AutoTech Roundup: Fiat’s $550 Million Plant In Mexico City, Nissan Going To Chicago Auto Show, Navigon iPhone App Going Social, Street View Snowmobile, BMW Sales Up 16.6%, Honda Recalls 378K Cars Over Airbags

Posted Feb 9, 2010

Fiat’s $550 Million Plant In Mexico City

Fiat plans to invest $550 million in a Chrysler plant outside of Mexico City to assemble Fiat 500 vehicles. The $550 million investment will be financed mostly by loans from Mexican development plants. [Edmunds]

Nissan Going To Have A Booth At Chicago Auto Show

Even though Nissan skipped having a booth at the Detroit Auto Show, they will be attending the auto show in Chicago. Nissan will have about 1,000 on-site at the Chicago Auto Show which is about 300 more than what they showcased in Detroit. [EGMCarTech]

Navigon iPhone App Going Social

Navigon has announced that they will be updating their iPhone GPS application to support social features. There will be in-app connections to Twitter and Facebook. There will also be Panorama View 3D views that is being powered by NASA data. [CNET]

Street View Snowmobile

Google Street View is now being used on the snowy hills of Vancouver. Google was able to take pictures using a Google Street View snowmobile vehicle. Unfortunately, they captured a picture of someone sticking up their middle finger. The photo was taken at Whistler to prepare for the Winter Olympics. [Jalopnik]

BMW Sales Up 16.6%

BMW has announced that they have seen a 16.6% increase in sales for the month of January. They sold about 82,120 vehicles across their BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce brand of cars. [BMWBlog]

Honda Recalls 378K Cars Over Airbags

Honda is recalling 378,000 additional vehicles because of air bag issues. The force in which the air bag deploys might be too forceful and affects certain Honda cars. Last year Honda had to recall 440,000 vehicles for the same reason. Cars affected include 2001-2002 Accords, Civics, Odysseys and CR-Vs. And 2002 Acura TLs may also be affected. [NYT]