AVG Buys Out Sana Security, A Behavioral Antivirus Company

Posted Jan 13, 2009

Anti-virus company AVG has bought out a company that provides a similar service.  Sana Security has built software that detects malicious activity based on behaviors.  AVG paid cash to buy out Sana, but did not disclose the dollar amount.  Sana’s 14 employees will be working for AVG now.

Various other antivirus companies are looking to make similar approaches to detecting viruses as Sana.  Software would monitor how applications and code behave on PCs in order to challenge advancement in malicious viruses.  The most common approach to discovering computer viruses is signature-based.  Sana’s software can detect when programs start automatically.  It is also able to detect 0-day attacks.  This is when a hacker exploits flaws in various software programs and is able to penetrate systems through those flaws.  “If anything seems out of the ordinary they flag it, they identity it and they stop it,” stated AVG CEO J.R. Smith.

AVG plans on integrating Sana’s software into their own by the end of June.  Although behavioral technology won’t be added to the free version of AVG’s antivirus software, they made consider it in the future.  Sana was founded in October 2000.

[via PC World]