Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Azure Mobile Services and Azure Web Sites

Posted Jun 28, 2013

At Microsoft’s Build conference, the company announced the general availability of Azure Mobile Services and Azure Web Sites.  Azure Mobile Services lets developers store data on Microsoft’s cloud platform for their mobile apps on Windows, Android, and iOS.  Azure Mobile Services will let users authenticate users and send push notifications for scaling purposes.

Azure Web Sites allows developers to provision web applications on the cloud.  The service has been in preview mode for over a year.  The service uses free server-side Web frameworks, such as Microsoft ASP.NET.  Developers will be able to use Visual Studio to right-click on any ASP.NET website in Solution Explorer to deploy their we bites.

“The context of back end is the apps and the technologies, as well as the devices and the experiences, that all of us collecting are building,” stated Satya Nadella, the president of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Group. “There’s not an embedded system, not a sensor, not a device experience that is not connected back to a cloud service.”

Windows Azure BizTalk Services: At the Build conference, Nadella also announced a new auto-scaling capability in the cloud platform.  Azure BizTalk offers a set of rules for dynamic scaling of data center compute capacity.  This feature will allow developers to set a maximum and minimum number of servers to be used.

Windows Azure Active Directory: The Windows Azure Active Directory offers companies a single sing-on interface for accessing cloud-based applications.  This service was also demoed at the Build conference.

Windows Azure has over 250,000 Azure customers and is adding thousands of customers per day.  Over 50% of Fortune 500 companies are using Azure and the company is seeing around 65 billion active users.  Windows Azure also stores 8.5 trillion data objects and is managing 900,000 transactions per second.