B2B Marketing Company Demandbase Raises $15 Million

Posted Mar 27, 2013

B2B marketing company Demandbase has raised $15 million.  Demandbase identifies companies that are visiting a website and then creates actional insights in your existing Marketing and Sales programs.  By using real-time identification, Demandbase can help you make targeting decisions and content personalization based on otherwise unavailable attributes of the visitor like the specific company, company size, and the industry that they are in.  Demandbase can offer company-targeted display advertising, conversion modules, and website engagement.

Scale Venture Partners led this round of funding.  Existing investors that participated in this round include Sigma Partners, Altos Ventures, Costanoa Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures, and Adobe Systems.  Demandbase has raised a total of $44 million since launching 7 years ago.

“B2B has not yet taken advantage of the reduced cost of selling that is enabled by digital marketing and data driven decision making. The team at Demandbase has innovated a suite of technologies that is forcing B2B marketers to rethink what is now possible in digital marketing,? said Demandbase founder and CEO Chris Golec in a prepared statement. ?The new investment will help fuel our growth and fulfill our vision of creating connected conversations with prospects and customers across traditionally siloed technologies and data. Online advertising, web site logs, and CRM systems can finally be joined in real-time to connect advertising spend to web site engagement to company revenue.?