Baidu Is Opening An Office In Cupertino, California

Posted Apr 15, 2013

Baidu is considered a rival of Google in China.  Now the company is opening an office in Cupertino, California, about six miles south of Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.  At that location, Baidu plans to build computers that can simulate the human brain by thinking and learning as humans do, according to Wired.

Google is working on a similar initiative as evidenced by their hire of artificial intelligence expert Ray Kurzweil five months ago.  Kurzweil is currently serving as a director of engineering at Google where he is working on giving computers the ability to understand language.

?In Silicon Valley, you have access to a huge talent pool of really, really top engineers and scientists, and Google is enjoying that kind of advantage,? stated Baidu research team leader Kai Yu in the Wired interview.