Baidu Will Be Sharing Ad Revenue With Apple For Search Engine Deal

Posted Jun 14, 2012

Baidu will be sharing advertising sales with Apple after it was made the default search engine for iPhones in China. Apple said this week that the Baidu search engine will be an option for the iPhone and iPad customers. The Siri voice technology will be available in the Chinese language. Baidu accounts for about 80% of China’s web searches.

Baidu is sharing ad revenue with hardware partners in order to encourage them to install its search engine on their products before shipping. Around 80% of branded phones based on Android has Baidu preloaded said Baidu CEO Robin Li this past April.

This past month Baidu introduced a new service called “Cloud ROM,” which is software for download by Android users, which gives access to services like remote data storage and free music streaming. ?We are very willing to pay the costs, we are happy these services are free,? said Baidu vice president Wang Jing.