Bain Wanted To Invest In Gawker Until Hearing About The Document Leak

Posted Oct 10, 2012 published almost 1,000 pages of Bain Capital’s confidential financial records including audits that reveals that Bain employed a potentially illegal tax dodge that is currently under investigation by the New York attorney general.  Bain Capital e-mailed Gawker, but it turns out that it was not about the confidential financial records.  Bain actually had an interest in exploring an investment opportunity in Gawker Media.

Gawker founder Nick Denton received this e-mail from Bain Capital Ventures’ analyst Mike Griffin, who was interested in exploring the synergies between Gawker and Bain Capital to find ways that “we could be helpful as you continue to grow.”

When Gawker asked Griffin whether he knew about their previous coverage of Bain Capital, he said that he did not.  “I’ve been working here for like a week now,” said Griffin. “I just thought it was a unique idea. We work with a lot of similar companies. I had no idea about the [Bain stories]. I’m not sure it would work out. This is awkward.”