Ballmer’s Reply To The Egg Attack, “I Have To Keep This Suit Clean”

Posted May 23, 2008

Earlier this week, a crazy Hungarian student threw 3 eggs at Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer.  The student believed that Microsoft was involved in a Hungarian government tender that would lock out competition.  It turns out Microsoft was not involved with this. 

What was Ballmer thinking about after the eggs were fired?  “I thought it was a joke… maybe some prank, some theatre from the university. Then I heard a sound — Boom! And I looked at the board behind me, and I said ‘uh oh, I have a problem’,” stated Ballmer during a keynote session in Europe.  “I thought, ‘I have to keep this suit clean’ so I ducked under the table because I was worried, egg doesn’t clean off very easily.”

After the student threw the eggs and missed each time, Ballmer came out from hiding behind the podium and continued his speech after saying “It was a friendly disruption.  That broke my train of thought.”

“Oh, he waved to me on the way out, and I waved back,” recounted Ballmer at a later keynote.

Infomation Source:
[1] Reuters: Microsoft’s Ballmer finds eggs don’t suit him