Balloon Boy Dad Richard Heene Releases Infomercial For Bear Scratch [VIDEO]

Posted Oct 28, 2010

Richard Heene, the dad of Balloon Boy Falcon Heene wants more attention. He is now on TV trying to sell a product called the Bear Scratch. The Bear Scratch is a post that attaches to the the wall to allow people to scratch their backs the same way that a bear does in the wilderness.

“If you itch like a ‘son of a twitch’ there’s just one thing to do the job,” said Heene in the video. Heene also calls himself an inventor. The invention came out about a year after the balloon boy hoax set up by Richard Heene. He claimed that his six-year-old son was stuck on a large silver weather balloon floating across the skies in Colorado. Falcon Heene was actually hiding at home.

The military sent helicopters and the Denver International Airport had to be temporarily shut down. Agencies spent about $62,000 to attempt a rescue. Falcon admitted on TV that his dad told him to hide. “You told me we were doing this for a show,” said Falcon.

Heene was going to be a reality star on ABC’s “Wife Swap” and he was pitching other shows that involve chasing after storms. The family moved near Bradenton, Florida where Heen registered as a convicted felon as required by state law.

The Bear Scratch sells for $19.99. Check out the infomercial below:

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