Bambi Francisco’s Vator.TV Unleashes New Design/Concepts

Posted Jun 8, 2007

Vator.TV[1] is a company created by former MarketWatch analyst, Bambi Francisco.  Under the News section of Vator.TV,[2] there was an interesting quote by Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter.  Essentially Schumpeter said that innovation is the driving force of economic progress and entrepreneurs are agents of innovation. 

Vator.TV will be a hub for entrepreneurs to sell themselves and their ideas in the form of an elevator pitch.  Entrepreneurs would then hope that they are able to convince venture capitalists and investors that their idea is worth money.

There are some featured videos on the homepage of Vator.TV.  I just finished watching one by Vinod Khosla, founder of VC firm, Khosla Ventures[3].  In the video, Khosla was discussing what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Registration is free and uploading video pitches are free.  Registration is quite simple as demonstrated below:

After that, you select whether you are a employee, freelancer, a student, looking for work, or an investor.  Depending on the selection, you are asked to fill in a little bit more information.  For example, if you are an investor, then you select whether you are accredited or not.  If you are a business owner, you fill out your company name and title.  If you are a student, you fill in your university name, country, degree, and class years.

There will be several competitions placed within Vator.TV as well.  There is a Wine 2.0 Business Plan competition where wine start-ups pitch ideas.  There is a Pequot Video-Game Challenge as well.  In the Video-Game Challenge, video game start-ups could win a one-hour meeting with venture capital firm, Pequot Ventures[4] for advice or actual investment.

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