Barack Obama Sets Up A Facebook Timeline

Posted Mar 1, 2012

Barack Obama’s campaign team has set up a new Timeline design for his Facebook profile. President Obama’s Facebook Timeline features a cover photo that shows the job creation between December 2007 and present. This graph is often times shared with Obama supporters. Placing this as the Timeline makes sense given that Obama is running for re-election based on an “America is back” motto.

Obama’s Facebook widgets includes photos and video content alongside links to donate to his campaign. There is also a store to buy Obama-themed swag. As you scroll down his Timeline, you will notice photos of supporters at campaign events. His Timeline also includes major administration accomplishments like the repealing of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, leaving Iraq, and the bin Laden assassination.

When you click on Born on the Timeline, you are taken to August 4, 1961 where it says “Made in the USA” with a link to a mug that has a picture of Obama on a coffee bug with his smiling face on the front and a picture of his birth certificate on the back.