Barnes & Noble Designs iPhone App With Reservation System

Posted Jul 9, 2009

The world’s largest bookstore Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE:BKS?) has designed an iPhone application that is available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Users can read book reviews and find store information.  In order to build the application, Barnes & Noble partnered with LinkMe Mobile and Spotlight Mobile.

One of the built in features allows users to take a picture of a book and immediately see reviews and other information about it.  While it is just as easy to use a Google search to find the information, this feature just makes the application more intuitive.

There are several other useful features.  There is a local store events section that shows up after searching for a local store.  There is also online purchasing so you don’t have to use the website directly anymore.  For those of you interested in individual authors, there is a section called B&N Studio where there are author interviews.  Another feature is a reservation system that allows you to have a store hold books, music, or movies for you.

The application is available for free and was created because the company wanted to increase their store mobile traffic.

[via CNET]