Free WiFi May Be Coming To 100 BART Train Cars

Posted Feb 2, 2013

The BART train may be getting free WiFi on 100 train cars as part of a $2.7 million contract to buy 100 on-board communicate devices. The devices will also stream live video to the transit agency’s security and control centers. Currently BART trains offer WiFi through WiFi Rail to 44 of BART’s 669 train cars, but the connections are often considered weak.

“The fact is, we are dealing with a vendor that has had trouble coming up with the capital needed to fulfill the contract,” stated BART’s assistant general manager for operations Paul Oversier in an interview with San Francisco Chronicle.

BART ended up hiring WiFi Rail to work on this project too despite the negative reviews of that company.  By gaining this contract, WiFi Rail will become the largest high bandwidth mobile Internet LAN companies in the U.S.  BART started searching for a WiFi provider in Oct. 2011.  WiFi Rail gave an estimate of at least around $200,000 less than two over bidders.  The project is being funded partially by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

[Image Credit: Bart Train Parked At SFO Station via BigStockPhoto]