Internet Debates Whether Batman Should Visit Colorado Victim Shootings

Posted Jul 22, 2012

There is a big debate on the Internet happening right now about whether Christian Bale, dressed as Batman, should visit victims of the Aurora, Colorado shootings.  Mashable picked up the story and then asked their commenters what they thought.

There is a Facebook page that is aggregating videos online that is urging Bale to pay a visit to recovering victims.  Many of the people that were wounded in the incident are fans of the franchise, which is why some people think that it is a good idea.

However many people believe that this would be highly insensitive.  Below are some of the comments that people wrote on Mashable:

“I think this is a bad idea. If I had gone through that, the last thing I?d want to see is a man in a black suit/mask coming at me. Christian Bale, yes. Bat suit, no. It could be further traumatizing.”

“Count me in along with the people who think this is a profoundly bad idea. It won?t change the fact that these children experienced violence at a very REAL level, and I agree that it would be further traumatizing; especially for the youngest victims. Try again, Internet.”

“Such a silly idea. How is Christian Bale going to feel dressing up like this and ?acting? when people have died. These deaths are bigger and more important than any movie. This isn?t just a kid got hurt and wouldn?t it be nice if Bale showed up. People died. Just because some insensitive jerk would like to keep their superhero fantasies going, doesn?t mean it should happen. I would think a lot less of Bale for doing this, and of the franchise. A statement will suffice. As Bale.”

“No to Christian Bale and emphatically no to him in costume. Not only would that be in bad taste all round, but the notion that there is any link would only condone other idiots pulling a similar stunt. I doubt Warners/DC/Legendary would want any association with it either. Christopher Nolan?s statement is enough, in my view.

If someone wants to make an overt public statement, how about the USA changes its gun laws?”

“Does anyone think the victims in this massacre give a crap about seeing Batman again? Let?s separate reality from fantasy, and give these victims the support they need. Instead of sending in some actor dressed up as a cartoon character, how about donating some money to those families who may need it? Do something physically helpful ? not symbolically.”