Beats Music acquires Topspin Music

Posted Mar 5, 2014

Santa Monica based Beats Music has acquired Topspin Music. Topspin is a music marketing startup that used to be run by Beat Musics’ CEO Ian Rogers. The terms of the deal was undisclosed. Beats Music said that the acquisition will bring on a team to bolster their services.

Beats Music said it will honor agreements made by Topspin, but will be looking to find a partner to take over the e-commerce and fulfillment that Topspin offers to their music partners. Beats Music hired Rogers from Topspin in January 2013 as they wanted to transform the music streaming business MOG into Beats Music.

Beats Music and Topspin has plans to integrate features from Topsin, including its direct-to-fan e-commerce tools and software as part of Beats Music. Topspin reportedly laid off most of its staff at the end of January.

[Source: SoCalTech]