Bebo Founder Michael Birch Creating A New Video Dictionary Startup Called

Posted Sep 8, 2008

Michael Birch, co-founder of Bebo sold his social network to Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX) subsidiary AOL for £420 million (converts to $850 million) this past year. After the deal was closed, Birch has been quietly working with Edward Baker on a new start-up called Wordia. Wordia is going to be a video dictionary website that will operate similarly to Wikipedia.

The site will be officially launched on September 18. Birch sent out the following invitation to their family and friends:


The address on the invitation is the house of Dr. Samuel Johnson, author of the first modern English dictionary. The site will feature definitions of words, quotes, pronunciations, etc. Baker has already filmed people defining their favorite words at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

Another startup Birch invested in is, a computer gaming social network created by Kieran O’Neill, Seb Hayes, and Ben Phillips., a place for users to sell goods online also received investment from Birch. MyStore was created by Julian Lennon, the son of the famous Beatle.