BeenVerified Now Offers Background Checks With Android and iPhone Apps

Posted Jul 4, 2011

BeenVerified, the website that does background checks for users, now has apps for both Android and iPhone. The company previously offered an iPhone app in 2009, but it was taken out of Apple’s app store because of privacy concerns. Apple has now agreed to allow the re-release of the BeenVerified app. The app is free to download and offers one free background check a month.

After each month’s first free check, users can pay $9.95 for additional checks. BeenVerified has provided more than 10 million free background checks to date. The checks include age, criminal history and address history, which is all public information, but the company does not have full access to all of the criminal records in the US; according to TechCrunch, the app has access to criminal convictions in 46 states and arrest and warrant information from some areas of 35 states. Much of the information is kept (and thus distributed) by districts, and many counties have not yet publicly digitized their court records.