Bees Infest GameStop Store In Union Square

Posted May 28, 2009

Earlier this week, a swarm of bees infested a GameStop store in Union Square New York.  About one thousand bees were buzzing on the outside of the door and the employees were forced to lock themselves inside.  One worker put up a sign that said “Look! … closed due to bee infestation.”

It took about two hours to get help from the police.  The bees had built a hive running up the wall outside the GameStop store.  A neighbor of the store attempted to use a camera’s flash to lure the bees away and into a bag.  Then the police bee specialist arrived at about 4PM and used a queen bee’s scent.  The swarm eventually was lured into a box.  Police is sending the bees to hives upstate.

[via Gothamist]