Beezz Windows Phone 7 App To Get A Major Update

Posted Dec 20, 2010

Even though Twitter already has a solid Windows Phone 7 application, there is still room for third party Twitter apps. Beezz is a third party Twitter application that has more features than the native Twitter app. Beezz will be releasing a new version for Windows Phone 7 very soon and it will be available for free. According to BoyGeniusReport, some of the new features in Beezz 1.2 include (demo video after the jump):

– List support
– Option to open app directly to main timeline
– Favorites
– Saved Searches
– Old-style Retweet support
– New live tile, which will include timeline, mentions and DMs
– Picture Hub integration
– Internet Explorer integration (tweet a URL from within IE ? very handy since there is no copy/paste yet)
– integration
– Conversation view