Before: Google Poaches Top Talent From Microsoft, Now: Facebook Poaches Top Talent From Google

Posted Nov 22, 2007

There is a lot of interesting poaching going on.  Mark Lucovsky, a Windows NT developer left for Google in 2004.  Dr. Kai Fu Lee, founder of Microsoft Research Asia left Microsoft for Google in July 2005.  Vic Gundotra, a 15-year veteran and GM of Platform Evangelism for Microsoft joined Google in June 2007.  And Joe Beda, a former developer of IE and Windows Vista is now working on Google Talk.  Thats a lot of top talent that Google now has access to.

Thats a lot of top talent to be centralized in one big cookie jar (Silicon Valley).  And Facebook is ready for dessert.

“Facebook has already claimed Youtube CFO Gideon Yu, eCommerce Product lead Benjamin Ling and GDrive developer Justin Rosenstein.  But Ex-Googlerâ??s inside Facebook are saying that the problem goes further than a few high profile exits caused by vesting stock. Facebook just seems a hell of a lot â??sexierâ? than Google,”

wrote Nick Gonzalez in a TechCrunch article, Facebook Stealing Googlers At An Alarming Rate.

Gonzalez also mentioned that Google Senior VPs are addressing the poaching situation as “The Facebook Problem” and that ten top performers at Google have already left for Facebook in the last two months.

One problem I see with this situation however is that these top tech companies are becoming homogeneous with tech talent, leaving less room open for innovation.  It’d be more interesting to see these top tech companies poach from creative advertising /consulting companies like IDEO, frog design, Lunar Design, and Ziba.

Disclaimer: I saw Chief Creative Officer of IDEO, Paul Bennett give a lecture at the Target Headquarters last week.