The Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case Is Coming In Q2 2013 For $199

Posted Jan 15, 2013

Belkin is generally known for building keyboard cases or USB cable accessories.  Belkin has recently launched one of the most useful iPad-related products in the form of a speaker case.  The Belkin Thunderstorm is an iPad case with high-quality built-in speakers.

The case has ported speakers for bass and depth.  The front-facing landscape-oriented stereo speakers has a cinematic sound.  The Thunderstorm also supports multifold for optimal positioning too.

If you decide to buy the case, you can also download an iPad app that gives owners extended control of the case like the ability to control 3 different soundscapes: music, action, and cinematic.  The Thunderstorm is coming in Q2 2013 at a price of $199.  Unfortunately, the case is only compatible with 30-pin devices like the iPad, iPad 2, and the iPhone – iPhone 4S.